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I am an inspirational speaker, singer/songwriter, composer, poet, storyteller… amongst a few other things. On this website you will find a modicum of insight into my artistic endeavors.




V.A.“Naomi is a blend of focused presence, impeccable thoughtfulness and articulate intelligence based in the heart. She is gifted in her abilities of deep listening, gentle compassion and ruthless honesty and is an advocate for relationships that thrive through meaningful struggle, reflection and commitment to personal, dyadic and collective health and well being. If you are desiring to work with a coach/healer who will actively and with humor and grace support you in tangible and transformational ways, Naomi is highly capable and deeply dedicated.”

­V. Antonick, Canada


Angie “Naomi holds her friends and her clients in the highest regard, and she has a unique ability to see the larger perspective in all things. Her life experience, her commitment to honesty and her willingness to ask the tough questions makes her an inspiring force for personal growth and expansion. Nomi holds herself and all those she interacts with to a high standard of integrity and direct communication, and she is the first one I call when I need a dose of honest feedback.  Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Nomi in their court will be a richer person for it.”

Angie Norwood, Lafayette, California


Seshen“There are moments in our life, when we struggle with the feeling of inertia, overwhelm or being lost in our day to day life. In those moments, we can no more see things with wide perspective, nor can we recognize ourselves appropriately. Naomi’s gift is bringing a stream of clarity to us through her sharp ability of seeing and recognizing “what is.”  With amazingly exact verbal articulation and the absolute non-­judgmental and compassionate observation, she helps us to open our awareness and see ourselves within the greater picture of life. It encourages us to get out from the place of victimizing ourselves and to step into our authentic powerful selves and love our whole selves. You will experience with her the feeling of being understood and recognized. At the same time, you will reconnect to the courage to own the hope and the faith that resides within you.”

­ Seshen, Vancouver, Canada
Energy Worker/Jazz Vocalist/Soul Motion Instructor


Rita“Naomi is a natural and sharply intuitive healer, coach and visionary. The combination of her inborn healership abilities, keen intellect and compassion, inspires anyone who knows her to reach for and achieve their highest potential. I am honored to call Nomi my friend, my teacher and my soul sister.”


Rita Glassman, San Francisco, California Recording Artist/Cantor/Singer­ Songwriter